Physical trauma is a medical term denoting one cause of damage to the body, as opposed to other causes (such as illness), and represents one of the most pressing needs for a quick response of medical health professionals. Often, the intervention of a surgeon is required in these crises.

Trauma-related recovery rates are difficult to summarize. Trauma differs from medical illness, physical injury or the more or less predictable progression of disease. One patient who suffers a closed-head injury might make a full recovery, while another with the same or similar trauma might be left permanently disabled by the event.  The recovery process from a traumatic incident hinges on the sort of aftercare that’s available to the patient. The attitude the patient brings into rehabilitation also has a significant influence in the outcome from a trauma. Delaying the onset of treatment for trauma-related conditions only allows them to grow worse and more intractable. Our role is to provide care for the entire spectrum of surgical emergencies, to include providing surgical therapy for routine elective general surgery problems.

Our surgeons provide unmatched and extensive experience in dealing with emergent surgical problems of all types, ranging from simple cases of appendicitis to evaluation, management, and surgical care for patients that are severely injured. Because of the severity of their illnesses and/or critical nature of their injuries, our patients often require the excellent care that is provided in Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.  As such, the care that we are able to provide are not just in the Emergency Department and the Operating Room, but also throughout the patient’s stay, to include any time spent in the Intensive Care Unit.

No one wants to be seriously injured nor does anyone want to have to deal with a serious surgical emergency.  We sincerely hope that you will never require our services. But, should you find yourself in need of the services we provide, we will be here, ready to bring our dedication, our experience, and our expertise to your care. Our physicians are always available when you or a family member is in need. One of our attending surgeons is in the hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  With our combined experience and expertise, along with the resources available at EIRMC, we can assure that our patients will receive the best possible care, no matter how seriously ill or injured they may be, no matter when we are needed.

Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center is an American College of Surgeons Verified Level II Trauma Center.